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Computer Locks

Computer Security

Paper Trays on Printers, Photo Copiers"

Suitable for:

Most Laser Printers, Photocopiers and Ink Jet Printers with front loading paper trays, that can accommodate a two part overlapping locking mechanism (see Photo).

The mechanism is fitted with 3M Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive tape, and when attached correctly is extremely difficult to remove. The two parts should interlock allowing the fitting of a small padlock to effectively stop the sliding (opening) of the printer paper tray. May not be suitable for some printers.


Additional Parts required:

30mm or smaller padlock to lock the two plates together, (AM0031)

Laser Printer (typical installation)

  1. Determine Correct Location
  1. Cleaning the Surface
  1. Fitting
  1. Additional or Optional Mounting

Tools required:

3mm Pop Rivet
3 mm Drill
Padlock Plate
Slotted Plate