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Computer Locks

Computer Security

"Universal CaseLock" AM0005

Suitable for:

Personal Computers (Desktop, Tower, Server)

Monitors, Printers, Projectors, Fax’s, Scanners, Drives

VCR’s, TV’s, HIFI,

Kit includes:

1 x specially designed steel CaseLock. 1 x steel anchor plate. 1 x 2 metre vinyl coated steel cable, 1 x 30mm case hardened padlock, cleaning swabs and detailed “do it yourself” instructions. Additional mounting hardware. Lifetime warranty.

Personal Computers (typical installation)

IMPORTANT: Be careful to select a flat clean surface. Use the adhesive baking to hold the plate in position then use the two one-way security screws provided to screw into wooden surface to provide the strength required for  a secure anchor point.

Suggested Cable Securing Methods:   


Anchor plate fixed to desk leg.  One way security screws need to be used for required strength and deterrent.

Cable can be looped around table leg or a crossbar ensuring it can’t be un-looped. 

Anchor plate can also be fixed to underside of desk and out of sight.

Tools required:

Phillips Screwdriver