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Computer Locks

Computer Security

Remote Controls"

Suitable for:

Lost Remote Control unit

Designed for light duty  prevention of miss placed remote control handsets in public use areas. e.g. Conference rooms, lecture halls, common rooms etc.

Additional Parts required:

30mm or similar padlock to lock the two plate together, (AM0031)

Laser Printer (typical installation)

1: Preparing the Remote.

Virtually all remote control units are different. The installation of the cable greatly depends on the ability to drill a hole into the plastic case  with access to the inside so that a  tinny cable stopper can be crimped on to the end of the cable. We assume that the drilling of the hole or the functioning of the cable will not interfere with or damage any of the  electronics. Usually the battery compartment is the best location and avoids dismantling any part of the case.

2: Threading the Cable

Align the holes of the bezel and the cap and Feed the cable through the CaseLock till it stops. The idea of the cap is to stop any attempt to remove the screw.

3: Secure the Cable

Find the best location for placing the remote, noting function and convenience  and then determine the best placement for the padlock and anchor plate taking into account the length and reach of the cable.

(a): The Supplied

(B):If you do not have a suitable location to loop the cable around, you will need to attach the anchor plate supplied to provide a suitable anchor point. Follow the instructions supplied with the anchor plate and screw it under the

Tools required:

1.5 mm Drill Bit